"Successful entrepreneurs are givers and not takers of positive energy." ​- anonymous

Daniel Colussi

Digital Marketer, Computer Developer, Educator, Consultant


Wherever you are going on your online journey we are here to help you get there.

About Me

Hello! I have been involved with online marketing in some way, shape, or form for the last 12 years.


Back in 2007 I was so excited to share with others my stock picks that were making me so much money that I created a membership site with Joomla where people would pay to get those everyday.


My love for all things digital grew into a passion of learning computer languages and new technologies. 


The Marketing Colossus is my latest creation and the culmination of many different goals. An educator at heart, I am happiest when sharing my knowledge with other entrepreneurs, and in turn, learning from them.


Welcome and come on in. The technological advances in automated marketing software and the internet has ushered in the start of a new digital marketing golden age.


Two things influenced my decision to up my efforts as a digital marketer. The first is Kartra and the second is the Unselfish Marketer's Vault. They are linked above and contain more of my story.


I am so excited to work with you...let's get started!

What We Do For You

  • Email Marketing

    Email is never going away even though conversions and sales have been on the decline. We help clients craft the right messaging that spurs their business.

  • Chatbot & Funnel Design

    We design both simple and complex marketing funnels utilizing the latest chatbot, sms, and email combinations to lead your potential clients through to a successful sales conversion.

  • Marketing Websites

    We design and build dynamic websites built around behavioral adaptive marketing that drive conversions for you like crazy.


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